H22A no start

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H22A no start

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Having a problem here, have a 93 h22a1 swapped into a 95 eg Civic with a p28 ECU with hondata. The damn thing won't start. I have tested the coil, Checked for spark have spark, getting fuel. And sounds like compression is good. Will check soon.

Datalog says -4% IGN. Won't jump.

Any ideas and opinions would be great.

*Edit: Car has run great before. Noticed after a good rain the ecu would have a hard time communicating. But after a couple dry key turns, it would make connection again.

Two weeks ago the car wouldn't start, saw it had no ignition on hondata, changed cap and rotor, started up, drove around the block, and let it sit overnight. Came back next morning and it didn't want to start. Been stuck on no start since.
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Re: H22A no start

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You should try your ECU in a known running car to see if it might be an ECU problem. You can also try your s300 on another ECU in your own vehicle to narrow down if it is the ECU.
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