B18C5 Tune/ Base map issue(s)

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B18C5 Tune/ Base map issue(s)

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So I'm running a B18C5 with I/H/E with S300's base map calibration and after 6,200 the motor falls on its face and will not pull/ rev like an ITR should.
I was on Chrome with an ITR base map and the motor felt/ pulled way better. The only thing I changed was the ECU to S300 and the header from
a 5Zigen to a Toda rep.

I was wondering if anyone had a tune/ base map for an ITR USDM or JDM with stock fueling, intake Toda/ rep header and full exhaust (no cat)
OR... if someone could make some corrections to my calibration based on a data-log/ drive recording.

Thanks in advance.

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