Odd basemap needed

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Odd basemap needed

Post by GangarTypeR »

So I've been messing with this thing for 2 days and cant get it running smooth. If someone can help me with a base map or an idea I'd be super grateful. it fires right up but wideband says I' running extremely lean 22 to ---, but i' not sure if that's accurate. when i drive the car down my street to get a map it sputters out and comes back on
The engine is
a B18C1 block
12.5-1 wiseco pistons (Stock Bore)
forged rods don't know brand
decked B16 head with
ferrea 5000 valves
skunk2 dual valve springs and titanium retainers
msd blaster 2 coil
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Re: Odd basemap needed

Post by hazetuning420 »

Try and upload a itr map just to see how it runs, if not go into the maps that best suit your build, but id try that first just to see how it acts
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