Help on S300. Torneo Euro R H22a

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Help on S300. Torneo Euro R H22a

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Hello all,

I have a question about Hondata S300

I have a stock 2001 Honda Torneo Euro R, CL1 chassis with the H22a red top. It is a Japanese import.

Ok so the story is a friend of mine had the same car as mine except he had an AEM V2, DC Sports manifold and de-cat pipe along with Hondata s300 in stalled in a 2nd ECU he purchased. These were installed on his car and set up over the course of a full day on a dyno by a professional tuner here in Europe. Everything was great etc. So he had a stock ECU and a ECU with the S300 installed and Mapped etc.

My friend sold the car and took the mentioned parts off and sold them to me for my car car (AEM V2, DC Sports manifold and de-cat pipe along with Hondata s300 installed in the 2nd ECU)

Now my question is can I install these parts on my car and unplug my stock ECU and Plug in my ‘New’ ECU with the Hondata S300 installed and Mapped/Tuned and everything will be ok?
Or will I need to take it back to the tuner to be re-mapped for my car even though they are the same including millage and service history?

Apologies if this is a stupid question, I have no experience of Hondata of engine management.


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You can try it and see how it runs. There are always variances between cars. IT would be a good idea to put it on the dyno and just veryfy it makes good power and is not running too rich or too lean.

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Care to share the calibration?
There aren't many out there for the H22A. Even the 212ps tuned H22A. I have the Accord Type-R H22A7 installed in my Prelude, which is very similar if not identical to the CL1 H22A

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yes, please share the calibrations, i am running an H23a vtec in my EF, with similar mods. I would love a good base map to start to tune from

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CH1 calibration for S300 H22A7 -