G-sensor and 2nd ignition trigger question.

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G-sensor and 2nd ignition trigger question.

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I have the G-sensor installed in my S200. Will it still be supported in RomEditor 4? If so I may be upgradng to it or going the S300 route.

Also I plan on adding triggers on the OEM cam gears and simulate TDC and CYL position sensor inouts for the ecu and add the OBD-2 oil pump and CKF sensor for CRK trigger inputs for the OBD-1 ecu. Needless to say I want to ditch the OEM dizzy. I won't mind running waste fire but only have 1 trigger out from ecu. Can we add another trigger to the ecu?


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Romeditor 4 does support the G-sensor, but I would highly recommend just upgrading to the s300. There is no way to have a second ignition output at this time.