Civic FN2 Type-R

Calibrations for FlashPro Manager - Use all calibrations at your own risk (dyno tuning recommended)

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Civic FN2 Type-R

Post by ToniCTR »

Hi! I'm looking for a calibration for my Civic FN2 Type-R. I live at the coast in South Africa. I have an Injen CAI, decat downpipe, 63mm single exit ehaust and hrottle body spacers.

PS: Fuel quality is not the best.
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Post by civicRSA »

Hey Toni. Check out this forum in SA.
Give me a shout if you need tuning

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Re: Civic FN2 Type-R

Post by Ozzy »

Hi, I am owner of Civic FN2 2007 in Czech Republic , and I am looking for calibration file of the Flashpro (*.fpcal) for usage of the fuel "Ethanol E85". Intake serial , Air filter K&N, injectors serial 310ccm . For the increase of the "BHP" I am going to buy Bosch injectors 850ccm. Thanks for your replay .
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