Unusually low ignition timing

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Unusually low ignition timing

Post by Scuderia »

Anybody ever tune a car that required unusually low ignition timing? This a completely stock FG2 with 48K miles, and I have to run really low timing, to avoid knocking on California 91, but the car still runs great. I'm still making around 185 to 190 WHP and I roughly get an extra 20 miles per fill up vs Honda's calibration. So I'm not complaining, just curious what could be causing this.

With the factory calibration and using CA 91, it will run 100% knock control, and with VP 100 octane it will run 35% knock control. I never got a CEL running 91 BTW.
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Re: Unusually low ignition timing

Post by OwenKer »

That's strange Scuderia, I wonder what the reason for the low timing is?

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Re: Unusually low ignition timing

Post by Spunkster »

You need to determine if you are getting actual knock or false readings. You may just have other noise which is causing the issue or a faulty sensor.

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