Corrupted Datalogs on FlashPro

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Corrupted Datalogs on FlashPro

Post by Gernby »

I recently started having problems retrieving datalogs from my FlashPro, and am concerned that it might be due to a hardware problem. There have been 3 datalogs over the last week that I recorded, then was not able to retrieve them. When I try downloading one of these datalogs, the list box will immediately go blank. However, if I unplug the FlashPro and plug it back in, the list will repopulate. It is repeatable over and over with the same datalog, but I can download other saved datalogs just fine. If I restart FlashPro Manager, it sometimes says that the calibrations stored on the FlashPro are from an older version, and must be uploaded again. Then after clicking OK, I get another message saying that the FlashPro firmware needs to be updated, which it then does. Unfortunately, that still doesn't fix the datalogs.

When this happened last week, I decided to just do a "Delete All", since I had a ton of old datalogs on there. I hoped that would fix the problem going forward, but now that I have recorded almost 50% capacity again (46%), I got 2 more corrupted datalogs today. What's strange is that I did 7 datalogs during one driving cycle, and it was the 2nd and 5th datalogs that were corrupted. It's also strange that they don't show up with the usual default datalog name ("Datalog01"), but instead show up with the name "K".

Could this be a bad cable or a bad memory address? Any suggestions?

BTW, I've been using FPM for a long time with this S2000 version of FlashPro (FP-S2K-US-30040).
'06 NFR S2000

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Re: Corrupted Datalogs on FlashPro

Post by Hondata »

Sounds like a potentially bad flash memory chip in the FlashPro. First, use the send support information function from the help menu.

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Re: Corrupted Datalogs on FlashPro

Post by Yungone501 »

I know it's been some time since this thread was made but I wanted to share my experience with this same issue and retrieving corrupt datalog files from the FlashPro unit. I've noticed (in my case) ONLY when I datalog using a calibration file that's been Live Tuning enabled, it will do this. It's repeatable nearly every time and generally occurs 1 out of 5 logs or so. Not sure what it does, if anything, when the Live Tuning is not disabled and then that same calibration is uploaded again (after editing) to the ecu but I'd like to hear it if there's any concerns I should have.

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