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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by chambers805 »

moneybags wrote: Sun Oct 13, 2019 2:01 pm fk8 type r pop/bangs burble on deceleration. Just for funsies
You can already do that if you have access to your ignition table. On decel tables just put -5 timing from 3k-5k. ;P
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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by turboroe »

Automatic datalogging!
Please add an option to make flashpro automatically datalog when connected to OBD port until memory is full.
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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by andyswmr714 »

E85 support for 1.5T accord
Boost by gear for 1.5T accord
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Re: FlashPro Requests Civic Type R FK8 pop/bang

Post by Menduas »

Is it possible to configure a honda Civic Type R FK8 2018 (eu modell) pop and bangs to Type r button and ac switch.

It should only pop and bang when both switches (it can be an other switch as the A/C) are used.

Thanks for Feedback!
Mr Hammond
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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by Mr Hammond »

Is it possible to finally correct the P0128 code that is triggered when ECT2 is disabled on the TB1/TB2 RDX? A fix was finally offered for the 8th gen Si for the same issue. Should be pretty easy to adapt for this platform yes?
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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by Bain »

Why are there so many different things for the FK2 and the FK8, something like Anti Lag, are they not close enough to have the same features?
the FK2 has lot less options in Hondata than the Fk8 does.
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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by FK8_K20c1 »

How about implementing the calculated horsepower and torque gauge into the hondata app?
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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by arnoldod »

turboroe wrote: Fri Oct 18, 2019 4:09 pm Auto AFM tune for 1.5T non SI (CVT here)
I would love to see this feature across 1.5T non SI platform if possible.
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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by unixro »

Is it possible to add auto start/stop disabled for euro fk8 in sport mode (i.e. don’t disable it completely only change it to off by default)?

Second would be to allow us to create our own mods.

Third add colors to different mods and when you go to a table that a mod has changed just use that color to expose mode changes
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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by myuser »


Some requests to implement...
  • After merge the active tables of Active Tuning into the main tables, hability to select the cell and revert only a single cell, or
    pressing Ctrl+J (Adjust cell values) and see the value after and the value in Active tuning table, so the user can set the value accordingly.
  • Possibility to via a button on steering wheel do CAM advance on deceleration (to reduce engine braking, set temporary CAM to higher advance... holding the button).
  • Valet Mode (values to be set previous in FPM, after upload, speed limit and/or rpm).
  • Set Fulltrottle Shift like Launch Control, only to set it the user set 2nd gear or 6th gear and press the clutch and use up and down to set it.
  • Misc. option to flashing light on the dashboard when the fan is still On, this only executes when the VSS = 0.
  • Misc. option to only start the car with doors closed, the mandatory is driver door and for safety all the passengers.
  • Misc. option to start the car with clutch pressed, acting as a safety feature.
  • Misc. option to enable to overwrite previous datalogs when full.
  • Misc. option to use FlashPro 2nd button to perform a specific action like a On/Off switch a light or rev meter could show the option choosed.
    Example (0 rpm = Disable (use as upload 2nd map from FP), 1k rpm AF Ratio, 2k rpm Valet Park, 3k rpm Second Map enable, ... )
Thanks to all the great work being done.
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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by janemar »

Add Knock control sensitivity table for civic 1.5T CVT

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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by sass »

janemar wrote: Thu Apr 30, 2020 7:51 am Add Knock control sensitivity table for civic 1.5T CVT

I support your suggestions for Civic Accord and Acura RDX
I tuned the Acura RDX 2018 and the false detonation really bothered me.
I tracked the detonation http://phormula.com/ProTuningSolution.aspx
There was no knock on the headphones.

Hondata please turn on cards knock control sensitivity.

Cr-v RD8+K24A2turbo+Kpro V4 prb+NPR3/6Speed+ТС+ HFS4 v3.2.
DynoWheel = 472kW / 589 N.m
HRX One Mile Challenge = Max Speed 282km
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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by JDMisland »

urbinac27 wrote: Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:46 am Hi There,

I wanted to see if the Gear ratio adjustment can be added for the 2012+ civic si? Many people i know currently use the K 20 gear-x/Mfactory gear set causing the Speedometer not to function properly unless a dakota digital box is added.

@HONDATA please give us this gear ratio adjustment! It would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by dynarex »

Give me anything for the 2019/2020 rdx
Boost by gear,e85-anything!!
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Re: FlashPro Requests

Post by Yoroen »

A W1 basemap for us non- SI owners. I currently have a 17 Hatch LX, with the W1 turbo. fuel trims, AFR, map and boost pressure all seem great while using the +3 basemap only, however theway it feels doesnt feel 100% smooth . Hoping to see a w1 basemap with a +3, +6 and +9 setting for the l15ba engines for our hatches.
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