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FlashPro Manager software
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Re: FlashProManager v2.1.0

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Hondata wrote:Did you use any other Hondata products on the same computer?
Yep. Other flashpro connected to computer before my flashpro connected...

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Re: FlashProManager v2.1.0

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Hello I've checked my ECU number on site and it says that my ecu 37820-RL6-E55 is supported by flashpro FP-ACRD-INT150017. I've downloaded FlashProManager 2.1.0 but it don"t see my car, says the viechle is unknown. I have 2012 Accord EU.

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Re: FlashProManager v2.1.0

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[06-11 Civic Si] Added throttle P2101 error conditions

Would be great if you could add this for the Type-R as well

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Re: FlashProManager v2.1.3

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[RDX] Added VSA torque limiting flag
Is this an option to enable / disable fuel cut whenever VSA detects wheel spin? If so, could you please add this to the '12+ Civic Si?
'06 NFR S2000

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Re: FlashProManager v2.1.3

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No, it was RDX specific.

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Re: FlashProManager v2.0.1

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Hi, this problem are solved in flashpro manager Yesterday me and owner of the car check the calibration because of small knocking noise (octane racting changed in our pump fuel), and I installed my innovate lm2 wideband to check the map (because I thought that I can not see afr on open loop) and I notices that wot ecu shows the correct afr (which didn't show before). Absolutely same bolt ons, same flashpro, same oem oxygen sensor and even same laptop.
Knox wrote:Yesterday I tried again and I had the same problem again. After that I noticed duty cycle increasing when I added fuel but the air fuel ratio doesn't change at all, I mean for ex I added 30% fuel but air fuel ratio didn't be richer but duty cycle inreased from around 80% to 100%. When I noticed that duty cycle increasing I thought that there is some problem with the sensor and I told the owner of the car another day we will try with an external wideband sensor.

Today I tested an other FD2 civic type r which I tuned before without any problem and I had the same problem with that car also. I again I tested to add fuel (20% something) and noticed that duty cycle increased but air fuel ratio didn't change.

I added the first car's calibration and 3 datalogs you can compare the air fuel ratio and duty cycle and this car has a datalog with 'return to stock' also (you can clearly see that on 'first car 2.fpdl' at 7600rpm duty cycle is 100% to 8600 rpm and air fuel ratio isaround 13.8, if there is nothing wrong after 7600rpm afr should goes to leaner whlie rpm increasing) . And also I added the second car's calibration and datalogs, you can compare the duty cycle difference and air fuel ratio. I'm thinking to install flash pro manager 1.9.3 and try again but I know that you don't advice to downgrade the firmware.

Please check my calibrations (sensor settings or Wot lambda adjustmens) and if there is no problem, so something should be with the software or firmware because I have the problem on two cars and one of them dyno tuned 1 year ago without any problem.

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