No 4500 rpm launch control

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No 4500 rpm launch control

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Greeting All
Did some data logging last summer with a tuner other than the original person who tuned the car and since then I'd noticed 2 issues. The tuner is 1000 miles away from me now and no access to the tuner who data logged my car who also did not know hondata software very well. I asked Jeff Evans of Evans tuning and he had not seen this before on an 89th gen So I am asking for help here. Since data logging my car the factory 4500 rpm launch control does not work. 2nd I pressed the cruise control set button while on the highway and while pressing the set button, the rpm gauge would go up to about 4500 and (sometimes higher)rpm and stay there while the set button was pressed. Let go and rpm goes to whatever cruising rpm I'm at. Then notice that I had not turned on the Cruise control feature. Turned it on and pressed the set button and all worked as it should. So cruise works and all is well. But why would my tact go to 4500 rpm when attempting to set cruise speed without cruise feature pushed to on. Could this be related to my first issue with the launch control?

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Re: No 4500 rpm launch control

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What is the serial number that is on the FlashPro? From Help, About, what is the version of software you are using?

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Re: No 4500 rpm launch control

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i believe what you are describing is the cruise control lamba display. there is a feature that allows you to display afr by pressing the cruise set button. from the flashpro help:
Cruise Control Lambda Display
On some vehicles the Cruise Control 'Set' button can be used to show the current lambda on the tachometer. The display is in air-fuel ratio x 1000 offset by 10,000. eg 14.7:1 = 4700 rpm, 13.2:1 = 3200 rpm

In order for the lambda to be shown the Cruise Control 'Main' switch should be off and the clutch not depressed.

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