2007 acura tl-s wideband

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2007 acura tl-s wideband

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Hey everyone, i have a couple questions in reguard to installing a innovate lc2 wideband in my 07 acura tl-s.

recently recieved my flash pro and chose the innovate wideband for my A/F meter.
Just wanted to be sure that i am going to be doing everything properly setting this up in my car.

once i get everything power and ground setup for my meter i will want to be running the analog signal output to my ELD pin on the ECU?
Remove the pin, and install my signal/output into the location of the removed pin? Will i need to do anthing special to the factory ELD wire besides tape it up? so i need to hook up a relay,switch, and resistor off of the old wire?

once i go into the flashpro manager, what will i want to do to get the proper data from my A/F guage?


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Re: 2007 acura tl-s wideband

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You must cut or depin the ELD wire form the ECU plug and wire the wideband signal directly into the ELD input. Just tape up the old wire.

You do not need any resistors, switches or relays.

You must enter the correct calibration information for your wideband into the FlashPro Manager software.

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