Flashpro Manager for Mac

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Flashpro Manager for Mac

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Is there a way to run flashpro manager on a mac without needing some windows plug in? I understand that there are ways to designate a portion of your HD to run windows, but I would prefer not to do this. The only threads on this forum ( and off) where I can find any information on this are severely outdated. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Flashpro Manager for Mac

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It will only run under Windows. You have to use Parallels or bootcamp.

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Re: Flashpro Manager for Mac

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Parallels will allow MAC users to use any Windows based programs. You'll need to buy it and install both Parallels and Windows. Currently, Parallels can be purchased for $79 USD and the download includes Windows 10. Windows 10 will require activation so you'll need to either already have a licensed copy, with a valid product key, or purchase it too. After you have both on your MAC you'll have the ability to use Flashpro on Windows.

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Re: Flashpro Manager for Mac

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Flashpro is not compatible with Mac. If you own a Mac and want to use Flashpro you will need to do a dual boot on your Mac. Dual boot means your Mac will run your Mac operating system on one partition of your hard drive and will run Windows on the other partition.

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Re: Flashpro Manager for Mac

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You don't need to dual boot or buy Parallels (although these are good solutions that will work). The free way to do this is to use Virtualbox and install the Windows ISO that's made available for free by Microsoft (https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/w ... l-machines) for developers (or any of the Windows ISOs they provide). No need to register Windows or anything; it does expire, but you can use it for what you need and just get it again in the future if you need it again.

I came on this forum hoping Hondata provided a Mac version of their software. Since they don't, I hope this post helps someone.

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