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Re: FlashProManager V2.8.7

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So using a window switch to a relay controlling a 5v source instead of the ethanol sensor. Would this work for a dry nitrous system? Could you retard timing and add fuel with the 5 volt signal?

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Re: FlashProManager V2.8.7

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It might work, but we would not recommend it since the ethanol input is designed for flex fuel.

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Re: FlashProManager V2.8.7

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typer86 wrote:
Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:15 am
Issue for: Civic SI/FN2 (Type-R) 2006:
If gear is in neutral and the clutch is not pressed, the engine is revving high until limiter! (overrevving)

Is this normal? Before the engine stop revving until 4500 rpm.

Please fix this.


this function is unfortunately no longer available, since the change to set the "launch limiter" and "full throttle shift", etc. in FP-manager.

Actually, Honda has installed this function for engine protection in standstill (protection against overheating)!
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