Flashpro locking problem.

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Flashpro locking problem.

Post by Kurokenshi »

Hello I currently have problems with trying to lock the flashpro to my ECU.
I know that it is not recommended to swap US ECUs into other cars. What I have is an Australian delivered Civic FD2, I have installed on it a US Civic Si ECU with serial 37820-RRB-A12. I migrated my original ECU immobiliser chips across to the US ECU, when I try to link it with the flashpro, it shows Model and Family Unknown but it knows that the binary of the ECU is US, and the error is "This Flash Pro can only be used with Civic Si 2006-2011 Americas Vehicles. The current vehicle is a unknown." Would this error be due to the flashpro not recognising the Australian VIN? Would getting the immobiliser system properly recoded by Honda fix this issue?

I am using Flashpro with the serial FP-SI-US-11824 and flashpro Manager

Thank you in advance for any advice and help given.
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Re: Flashpro locking problem.

Post by Hondata »

The US FlashPro will only work with US ECUs. You don't have an US ECU - you have a bastard hybrid ECU. I'd put the US ECU back how it was and match the immobilizer at the dealer.
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