K20z3 shoot flames

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K20z3 shoot flames

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can you help me with this
how to shoot flames on cat back with hondata flashpro

in all the forums it says. Delays time and adds gasoline. My question is how to do it well.

to which rpm should I put it .. how many degrees to draw and how much gasolna to add

K20z3 stock motor ..header and cat back
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Re: K20z3 shoot flames

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Re: K20z3 shoot flames

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To get exhaust pops/burbles, you have to keep the fuel on and retard timing for a short while after lifting throttle. That's basically what the Jaguar engineers do on their F-Type.

While the ability to leave fuel on for a while after throttle lift is defined, Hondata doesn't allow any modification of timing during overrun conditions so while you can keep the fuel on, the corresponding tables that govern timing during throttle lift aren't defined.
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