Q. for Hondata Tech about TSX AFR.

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Q. for Hondata Tech about TSX AFR.

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I was hoping I can get an expert answer to this. I had been discussing it with others and I get a bunch of ambiguious answers.
My Question is that a statement was made that the TSX with a particular header will run lean, and the TSX will run in closed loop below 1/2 throttle.

So say we start the car, we are Open, the tables are setting our AFR- correct?
Then at 1/2 throttle we go closed, and the O2 sensors take over? correct?

If that is the case, why would a freer flowing header make any difference in the AFR? If a header can scavenge that much more air through the engine to lean it out, going outside the capabilities of the ECU to adjust, that has to be one heck of an improvement, right?

What am I missing in the statement "Adding a header will cause the car to go lean?"

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Re: Q. for Hondata Tech about TSX AFR.

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You have it backwards. IT runs in closed loop at light throttle and idle and goes into open loop at higher load and wide open throttle.
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