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MAP reading too high

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:59 am
by Mounty
Hey all. i have a problem and i hope to find help here. My MAP Sensor is reading too high, causing the ecu to squirt too much fuel, to the point of the engine bogging out. The engine is not t/c'd or s/c'd. I have tried a multitude of things: Exchanged MAP sensor for a new one (OEM), reverted t/b's from a J37->J35->OEM TSX 64mm. Swapped out an RBC -> S2 Pro I/M, hell, I even changed the engine wire harness this summer.. all to naught. ALL vacuum hoses have been changed, also going smaller in diameter thinking it 'could' help. Opening and closing the exhaust cut-off did little to nothing either. (More backpressure..??) I had read on that changing/replacing the secondary O2 Sensor helped, but it too is only approx 1 yr in the car. As it stands: when cold/idling, the MAP reads upwards of 680 mBar. During WOT the readings: VSS 154 km/h, 3rd gear, RPM's 6200, TPedal 93%, MAP is reading 945 mBar.
Info to the car/engine: Euro Accord (TSX) with franked engine - K24 Block/K20 head. Using DBW, have no Mass Air Flow, only MAP. There is no way to have swapped connectors because the T/B only has one connector with all the sensors/gadgetry (6 or 8 wires in one plug).
I am at the end of my Latin... Anyone have an Idea what it might be??
Thanks and regards

P.S. How can i post datalogs here??

Re: MAP reading too high

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 8:37 am
by angelf1974
Mounty wrote:During WOT the readings: VSS 154 km/h, 3rd gear, RPM's 6200, TPedal 93%, MAP is reading 945 mBar.
This can be totally normal. What reading did you expect?

Re: MAP reading too high

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:29 pm
by Mounty
Hi. That was just a comparison to what it shows when cold started, and idling.. 650 mBar upwards is way too high.. she wants to flood herself to death.
Yes I understand that that reading, 935 mBar at WOT is fully normal.
I just do not get why she is so high when cold, and if I cannot get this under control, all 'Tuning measures' are moot!