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DTC P1129 MAP Higher Than Expected, ITB

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:23 am
by R2Racing

We are working with ITB setup for K24Z Accord/TSX ECU. But found we are catching DTC P1129 MAP Higher Than Expected after deccelaration with closed throttles. We run MAP-based tune with vacuum box.
Yes, there are not enough vacuum, one of reason is stage 3 S2 cams, and we can not use Alfa-tune model not supported by FlashPro.

I tried to raise Overrun Cutoff conditions, but it did not work at all

Any ideas how to fight with such issue with limited resources like we have ?


Re: DTC P1129 MAP Higher Than Expected, ITB

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:00 pm
by Econobox4
Flashpro for the TSX has no support for ITBs, changing any signal to the DBW motor so they won't provide any help here except to tell you to put a stock TSX throttle back on with whatever intake manifold you want and tune from there. Honestly with the Flashpro that the advice I'll give you also.

I just went through this when the ZDX throttle conversion I had fried the APP sensor and the ZDX throttle. The TSX ECU can't really support anything other than the stock throttle body.

See my post about FCAN and BCAN systems and questioning if I can run the engine and car on seperate harnesses (where they share limited interface) like in a K swapped car. This may allow people like you and me who want more from the TSX to run K pro and an aftermarket cluster and maintain the rest of the comforts of the TSX.

Re: DTC P1129 MAP Higher Than Expected, ITB

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:11 am
by R2Racing
Sure, I personally absolutely agreed with you regarding ITB with DBW, but client does not want to give up yet ))

You know, I decided just to fully close throttles mechanically when deccelerating, what will make enough vacuum and help ECU to feel happy, I hope )). And add solenoid to provide idle with mechanical tuning by screw.