New feature to TSX to solve an old problem?

FlashPro questions & answers specific to the 2007-2008 US TSX
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New feature to TSX to solve an old problem?

Post by Malkolm666 »

Hi Hondata, please dont start this conversion by saying -No. :)
Please think about it for a while, getit in your thoughts, look at it on the brite side!

Im on my second CL9 now, I bought my first back in 2008. Just love these cars for there comfort, design, their safety for my family and so on. Otherwise I have had alot of EGs in the past.
My first CL9 I fitted a K-pro in, I customized a dual harness. I know all the benefits in the K-pro vs. Flashpro. I also know all the basksides when trying to get stuff to work with K-pro in a CL9...

Present day:
Now in my current DD a have Flashpro, I didnt know if I should get the Flashpro, but the benefit is to drive with working cruise control!
I had plans to install K-pro and change the Cluster to a Aim or Racepack cluster, and basiclly change most of the harness so it works like a DC5/EP3. Alot of work, a headache to get the cruise to work, alot of money BUT I can do what I want because of all the benefits in the K-pro.

Todays Problem:
$911.52, that is todays problem. Read it one more time, $911.52. thats the price for the correct ecu(37820-RBB-A21) in a CL9 to use with Flashpro. That is if you want your car to work as intended from the factory. Or you can get the cheap way and buy from an AT for $75 from a salvage yard. The difference is almost $850. And what is the difference? its basiclly only one function. Its the reverse lock. Cant gettit to look unless you spend that extra 850bucks. I hate shifting on the highway now, I cant learn my 16 years old daugther to drive a car because of this. (I have been searching for a MT ecu for a fair price for 21months now..).

Boost control, is that the key?
Boost Control Parameters: "With the S2000 and the TSX the boost control output pin is B16 (normally unused), and like the Civic is a current source (high side) output"
Is B16 the answer to this problem? Its being used to contol a Solenid, and the Reverse Lock has a Solenoid that locks it. Now is the time to think if it is possible in some way to make this work? To use B16 to make the revese lock to work?

In my head it will work, just add some more features to the boost control, maybe it only needs a VSS feature. "Activates when VSS is 4mph or higher". But this is in my head, and I have no knowledge about this stuff. its you that have. And I love you guys on Hondata for making the Hondascene so great. You are one of the biggest bricks thats making Honda´s so great!

Best Regards,
Malkolm Roth, Sweden
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Re: New feature to TSX to solve an old problem?

Post by Econobox4 »

I realize you are posting from Sweden so my answers may not be that helpful depending on what you can or can't get locally.

I faced this same issue when I was purchasing Flashpro for my 2006 TSX. I had to track down an 07-08 manual transmission and while it was difficult to find they can be purchased used when found for around $150 (USD) I found mine through and it happened to be at an LKQ in California who gladly shipped it to me. I purchased an AT for around $80 first to get buy until the manual used became available.

I looked into solving the reverse lockout problem but found a manual before developing something to fix it.

Instead of relying on Hondata to develop something you could use an Arduino board independent of the computer to control the reverse lockout. It would just have to be programmed to read the PWM signal from the VSS and switch a relay on/off to control the solenoid. I never programmed it but that's the route I was going before finding a manual transmission ECU.

However, if Hondata responds giving people the option to run an AT ecu in exchange for not having boost control that may be an acceptable trade off to many TSX owners. A majority of TSX owners stay naturally aspirated or run something like a comptech supercharger. I'm the small portion who want a higher horse power turbo application.
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Re: New feature to TSX to solve an old problem?

Post by Cl9k24 »

What's going on man?
I was reading your posts and I saw that you you got the hondata kpro ecu works on your old tsx with custom harness...I have 04 cl9/tsx and hondata kpro ecu and I've been searching for the pinout diagram for my car to get this working and no luck on that . Can you please help me with that
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