2004 TSX No ECU Communication

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2004 TSX No ECU Communication

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As the title states, I have no ECU communication when trying to use my 2007-2008 ECU. I installed the wiring harness correctly from the green connector to the OBD2 port, but when I plug in the new ECU I cannot communicate to it. I tried purchasing another ECU in case the one I got was defective and have the same problem.

I've traced it to a continuity issue in the white wire for the OBD2 connector to the green connector in the dashboard. As you may know, getting to that connector to disconnect it is nearly impossible without removing the dash (unless someone knows of a way to do it). Would I be able to run a jumper wire between the two for programming a base tune on it, disconnecting the jumper wire, installing everything back to normal, and run the vehicle? Or does the white wire HAVE to have continuity for the new ECU to function? I'm ready to put this $750 software to use.
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Re: 2004 TSX No ECU Communication

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It only needs continuity when programming.
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