Did a Datalog but need adjustment Plz HELP !!!

2012+ US/Canadian Civic Si / 2013+ ILX
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Did a Datalog but need adjustment Plz HELP !!!

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Hi guys I need some help from an experimented in Tuning/datalog with my flashpro and my Civic Si 2015 with Mods:
-Takeda SRI
-S2 Alpha 3" Downpipe
-S2 Megapower RR 3" Catback Exhaust

I took the Base map already on the preload from hondata with SRI + Downpipe + Exhaust
But looks like I need some adjustment.

Plz need HELP !!!

There is my 2 Datalogs I did today ! (In attachment)

I'm in Canada so spring season still cold with 9-10 degree celcius and 47 humidity
we have some hills too I'm in Newfoundland Island in the Atlantic Ocean so humidity is actual.

Thank for your HELP !!!@ lol
Cold Start Idle and town drive 9 celcius 47 humidity.fpdl
(639.44 KiB) Downloaded 161 times
3rd Pull and all gear Highway 10 celcius 47 humidity.fpdl
(1.85 MiB) Downloaded 189 times

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Re: Did a Datalog but need adjustment Plz HELP !!!

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Your car is running *really* lean at WOT and knocking like crazy. There's a lot of potential to damage your engine if you don't adjust your calibration.

I'm not going to make you a new cal because I don't need the legal responsibility, but you should really go through the Hondata help files about adjusting your fuel. Looks like you need about 20-25% more fuel in some areas...

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