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Full Bolt on tune help

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 5:26 pm
by a_u_slowsi
hows it going every one im in need of a tune that consists of these parts hopefully some one can be of help.

Ktuned 3.5 in short ram intake or similar(map based tune)
rv6 2.5 catted down pipe or similar. (should i be going 3 in for all motor dont really think its needed?) *needs to be catted*
ktuned or similar 3 in cat back
rbc swap
rdx injectors

Some tips on all motor bolt ons is help full i already have rbc manifold, intake, rmm and ktuned catback. any input is helpful guys. and i know this has been brought up before probably many times but i just want help and input from ones that have done it before. thanks again! just need something to drive on safely before real tune.