VTC tuning without a dyno

2012+ US/Canadian Civic Si / 2013+ ILX
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VTC tuning without a dyno

Post by schaffertnathan »

I have fuel and ignition tuned for each cam angle, but what would be the best way to tune the VTC angle maps without a dyno?

And also, if cam angles aren't optimized, would that cause MAP pressure to decrease and not be near 0. Manifold pressure at full throttle usually shows between -0.7 and -1.4

I have 2012 Civic Si, with SRI intake, catless downpipe, 2.75" catback, 550cc injectors, E85. Also running AFR guage instead of primary O2 sensor
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Re: VTC tuning without a dyno

Post by Spunkster »

You really need a dyno to be able to measure the power in order to tune this correctly.
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