Hondata mode not working with econ switch

Civic 2016+ 1.5 Turbo
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Hondata mode not working with econ switch

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Hello everyone. I have been having issues with the most current Beta version (released at the end of February) of flashpro for my 17 HB Sport 6 speed mt. I was hoping to see if anyone else is having this problem or if there are any solutions.

So to start the current calibration I have uploaded to my ecu is the +6 PSI. I do have the hondata mode enabled checked under my torque tab. I also have the rev hang disabled which i checked off under the modification tab. There are a couple problems I am having. The first would be that in econ mode my boost is peaking at 21 psi where it should be at stock boost which is about 14 psi. It also feels much more aggressive than it did in econ mode before I updated the software. It feels as if, even with the econ mode enabled, there is no difference compared to when it is not enabled.

The second problem I have been having, which I have seen some other people having as well, is that with cruise control engaged the car is holding 1-2 psi of steady boost at 70-80 mph.

Has anyone else been having similar issues?


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