P0103 Error

FK2 Civic Type R 2015-2017 and FK8 Civic Type R 2017-2018
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P0103 Error

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I have been getting this code P0103 on the FK8R recently. Even though i the code delete had been tick on the MOD section it still happens and put the car into limp mode.

It happened after I installed a Mishimoto intake and use a new base map for retune. Thinking it was a bad install, we open the intake to check again and all good. Then think maybe was a bad base map so we use the earlier tune map again to retune on the dyno from there, but after testing the car on the road it still give a P0103 even though it is disable in the MOD section.

One more thing is we added 2-5% on the AFM calibration.

Can see what could i have done wrong? owner is not very happy with this code cause it goes into limp.


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Re: P0103 Error

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This has been addressed and will be in the next release.
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