Hondata Heatshield Gasket for TL?

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Hondata Heatshield Gasket for TL?

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Any plans to make the heatshield gasket for the 2004-2008 TL? I know P2R makes one, but I would rather spend a bit more and have a Hondata made one. Have it on my 04 Tsx with 06 IM/TB and love the quality.

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Re: Hondata Heatshield Gasket for TL?

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The V6 engine has a heavy intake manifold and a fairly thin margin between the intake plenum and fuel injector bases, so the gasket must be steel or something which can carry a lot of pressure. You can't increase the thickness between the fuel injector bases and the cylinder heads, otherwise the plenum doesn't fit correctly. So no plans for a V6 gasket.