J35 tb/p2r spacer idle surge issue

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J35 tb/p2r spacer idle surge issue

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Mod list
Flashpro stock calibration
J35 tb/p2r spacer
Nothing else is modified

I've installed these and no matter what I have tried have not been able to get the idle to stop surging from 1000 to 1500 rpm. I've spoke directly with afhk.com(sellers of the items in question) and they stated it is plug and play no Flashpro required, though i have one, and it shouldn't be giving me any issues. Yes I have check up and down all around for vacuum leaks and found nothing. During startup it will surge to 2500rpm then to 1-1500 then drop to 1000-1100. Then during driving it feels ok except the jerk when gas pedal Is let go during driving or pressed during take off. Any info possible is greatly appreciated!