Best wideband for kpro4

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Re: Best wideband for kpro4

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Spunkster wrote: Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:05 am IF you want to run in closed loop you should connect the analog output from the wideband controller to one of the analog inputs on the K-Pro board and then set it up for that wideband in the analog inputs section of parameters.
Thank you for the info
curtusz wrote: Fri Aug 16, 2019 3:29 pm Check through this post i made a diy its old so i dont know how relevent it is now

Cheers mate, makes a lot of sense.

My main queery which probably wasn't clear, I saw somewhere that the Kpro reads 5-0v idle-load whereas the gauge reads 0-5v idle-load (or visa versa) or is this untrue!?
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Re: Best wideband for kpro4

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Yeah that sounds correct they will both need a signal from the lambda not sure which way round on voltage (not sure why it matters) , there will more than likely be an offset that will need to be calibrated (Just try and calibrate it to same as gauge) and you will need to use the smoothing to slow the fluctuations you will see in datalogs, I'm very sorry been a while since I had the ep3 and I would need the software and hardware in front of me to jog my memory better.
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