Honda CRV battery issues

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Honda CRV battery issues

Post by Xass »

lright, so its my friends car, ive been trying to help her out but having problems.

if you let the car sit a few hours, sometimes even just 5-10 minutes or sometimes over night, the battery will be almost dead, and not start it.

the battery was new in september, and was tested a few days ago and was said to be good. i tested it, it is good. i also tested the alternator and it read 14.xx, so good too.

i had her let it sit overnight, then connect the ground terminal to another part of the car that would ground it to see if the grounds were the issue, didnt do anything.

essentially the battery either - is getting drained beyond starting power, is bad but isnt reading as bad... or
my theory is that the battery is simply too small for the car. when it was brand new it started it, but now that its seasoned it wont. the reason i think this is based on this same complaint about the same kind of car, that was never resolved by honda.
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Re: Honda CRV battery issues

Post by jeremy_es1k »

Does the car have any aftermarket radio or equipment ?
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