Accord 2018+ dash error messages after reflash

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Accord 2018+ dash error messages after reflash

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The Accord 2018+ sometimes shows multiple error messages on the dash after a reflash. Adaptive cruise control, braking system, collision mitigation etc.

These errors appear to be held in the dash, so even if the modules are cleared using OBDII diagnostics the errors will be shown.

To clear these errors:
- After reflashing, switch off the ignition as per normal.
- Start the engine, run for 5 seconds, switch off.
- Repeat three times.
- The dash errors will clear apart from the check engine light. The ECU has no error codes so clearing will not help.
- Repeat once more. The MIL/check engine will clear.
- There may be an Adaptive Cruise Control error still - that will clear when you start driving.
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