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Forum rules

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This forum is for Hondata users. We will enforce the rules below:

1. No commercial advertising / spam, including signatures. If you do this we will ban your IP.
2. No posts which are non-constructive or contain pointless abuse.
3. No bumping or spaming. These will be deleted.
4. No "Yay, I got first post' messages.
5. No posts linking or promoting groups or software involved with copying/distributing copyright material and/or trade secrets.
6. Posts containing hearsay may be automatically edited.
7. Read existing posts carefully before adding 'I have the same problem' to the thread. Chances are you have a different problem, and it should have its own thread.
8. Requests for old versions of the software will be removed. With all our products you should never downgrade your software version.
9. The forum is for the sharing of information. Soliciting private work is not in the interest of the forum.

1. Maximum two lines, normal size text.
2. No images in signatures.
3. No links to porn, political, racist or other hate, warez or copyright infringement sites.

1. Maximum 90 x 90 pixels, no animations.

When reporting problems please follow the forum specific guidelines. In most cases, posting a calibration and datalog will vastly assist us tracking down any problems.

Remember that this is not the primary support means for Hondata. If you have a problem, talk with your dealer first, then Hondata if that doesn't work. Hondata answers the phone Mon-Fri 9-5 PST; email within 48 hours, so we should never see any posts here which say 'I can't get hold of Hondata'.

If the answer to your question is not satisfactory, by all means clarify your question, but repeatedly asking the same question until you get the answer you wish to hear is not helping yourself nor others.