question about software versions

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question about software versions

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im new to the jdm scene. and i got a few questions about my civic. im pretty familiar with vdubs and audis so i have an some mechanical knowledge about tuner cars. the guy i bought the car from told me it had a k-pro ecu and i could just dnld the software to my pc and hook it up to the car, but he said it had to be the version 3.0.3 or it will screw up the car. this doesnt seem likely because im not changing the programming on the ecu just the software version but i want to be sure because the tune on the car is custom. i know on my euro cars ive had the software versions were all compatable with eachother. the car is a 2001 civic ex with a k20a2 swap. any input would be awesome. thanks

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Re: question about software versions

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You should always use the most recent version of software available on our website.

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