TPS sensor reading wacky

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TPS sensor reading wacky

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Just got my S200 set up for datalogging with RE4. As I was viewing my live sensor data I noticed the TPS was reading 24% at idle. I revved up the engine and TPS didn't change, 24% at any engine speed. Checked for error codes and DTC7, TPS was displayed along with DTC9,CYP. I have a 98 Prelude with CAI, typeS header, etc tuned with a P28/S200. The DTC9 has always been there when I switched from my OBD2 stock P5M TO THE p28. When running on the P5M there are no error codes, the DTC9 with the P28 remains a mystery. Anyhow, I had a spare TPS laying around and put it in, no change, 24% at any engine speed. Had my car tuned at my local Hondata dealer recently and the DTC7 code was not displayed then so this is a recent event. Any thoughts or ideas about what may be going on would be much appreciated. Thanks, satwilson
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Re: TPS sensor reading wacky

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Try the ECU in a known workign vehcile and see if everything reads correctly. If it does you know you have a wiring problem which needs to be resolved.
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