p72 s100 doesnt read?!?!?

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p72 s100 doesnt read?!?!?

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Hey guys last week went in to tune my turbo civic d16y8, an we came across a serious problem, the Ecu wouldnt read wen the tuner tried to connect to it using a s200 or what ever he uses to read it and tune it.

He said he would look into it, but i havent heard back from him yet.. an starting to loose hope atm, ive brought a greddy emanage as backup as i already rebooked the car in 2 weeks time if the s100 doesnt work, emanage is last resort.

wen i opened up the ECU before i went into the tuners, i noticed the chip was loosely, but never bothered about it... im pretty sure the tuner woulda known if there was a problem with the ecu when he opened it to connect it id think so lol

The funny thing is the car starts up fine with the P72 S100 ecu, BUT he cant access it to tune it... any advice would be needed

thanks guys
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Re: p72 s100 doesnt read?!?!?

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I would recommend contacting your tuner and discuss what is happening. If he is having problems he will need to either post here with details or contact us.
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