Throttle plate reduction option?

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Throttle plate reduction option?

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Been playing with several cars recently with the TC and on "relatively" low powered smooth torque curves control is pretty good with just pulling ignition but with higher powered cars just pulling the ignition isn't enough. On other systems available you use full ignition cuts but we obviously can't do this as the Hondata system is just used to give an input rather than being cut into the ignition harness for direct control but could you allow for throttle plate control if slip is detected?
Just a similar table as in the ignition reduction but to reduce throttle plate angle as slip increases?

This is a pretty common method now on FBW setups and one used already on Pectel and even oem systems like the new BMW M series stuff?
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Re: Throttle plate reduction option?

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It would not act quickly enough, and would go into oscillation.
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