civic si 2006 problem

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civic si 2006 problem

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hello i got a civic si 2006 fg2 it doesnt came with the sensor so i install the sensors from a civic si 2008, everything works ok, i wire the traction control to EGRL pin, no errors nothing, but the flash pro shows -9% traction control over slip (from ecu) and it doesnt command when the car is sliping.

these are the datalogs.
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Re: civic si 2006 problem

Post by Hondata »

What sensor was your vehicle missing? All 2003+ Hondas had ABS.

From the datalog the wheel speed sensors are (mostly) working and the slip calculation looks correct. However the ELD voltage is not doing anything.

- check you FlashProManager version
- find and fix the problem where the RF speed sensor is getting spikes in speed
- check you have the TC set up and wired for active speed sensors
- use the TC test output to check the wiring to the ECU EGRL input
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