CR-Z CARB-1 Map - Civic Si injector?

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CR-Z CARB-1 Map - Civic Si injector?

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Downloaded FlashPro to take a look around for a 2011 CR-Z. I noticed that the CARB calibration for the CR-Z states the injector size as 310cc instead of the stock 185cc, and as it's CARB it doesn't seem to be able to be modified from within FlashPro Manager. I've attached a screenshot from FlashPro Manager.

Is it expected that CARB CR-Z owners use the Civic Si injector to run the CARB-specific map? Also, I can't seem to find part number 16450-rrb-a03 on a Google search, although 16450-rca-a01 (the accord injector) appears to be right. The injector for the 2011 Civic Si appears to be part number 16450-RBB-003 according to Majestic.
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Re: CR-Z CARB-1 Map - Civic Si injector?

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It is just the description that is wrong and you can use it with stock injectors. This will be corrected in the next release of software.
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