2014 CRV 2.2d Auto UK model

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2014 CRV 2.2d Auto UK model

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Hi Experts,
I have a 2014 2.2d Auto CRV black edition in the UK.
I noticed that my IAT sensor returns fluctuating values while cold/warm engine.
It is 15 celsius outside but it shows normally 15-20 degrees more. Even when the car is fully cold before start.

Is the IAT sensor in my car fitted together with the maf?
How can i investigate the root cause of this issue?
What I have noticed was that my engine is rattling when it is cooler than 10 celsius outside. It only does that under load.

Thank you,
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Re: 2014 CRV 2.2d Auto UK model

Post by Spunkster »

This sounds like something you should discuss with the Honda dealership.
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