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Fk8 TC ignition retard

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2021 10:14 am
by ChiHuen

My fk8 was tuned to 459ps on wheel with hondata fuel system and hybrid turbo upgrade. I have a problem of serious wheel spin. The hondata TC seems to be workable but I’m wondering are the retard degrees too aggressive? In the datalog, the TC retard reaches 60 to 85 degree at slipping 6 to 20%. The ignitions are at -25 to -48 degrees and lots of pop sound from exhaust. Especially, when I shift up gear fellow WOT, it just happens all the time. The sparks are during ATDC. I don’t know will these aggressive ignition retarding harm the engine if it happens frequently?
In the ignition table, the degrees are just few degrees (less than 10) at the phase of wheel spinning occurs. Refer to the TC retard table, it must fall to the negative side ATDC. Is it normal? Or, need I adjust the retard table? But I think a single digit degrees retarding doesn’t help in power output decreasing upon wheel spin if I keep them BTDC.
Please let me know your comments, thanks.
sport mode OEM TC off HON TC 5%.fpdl

Re: Fk8 TC ignition retard

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2021 6:23 pm
by Hondata
I probably would be clearer to post a datalog.

TC using ignition retard will reduce power to limit wheelspin up to a limit.

What you need to do is to alter the torque tables so that the torque request in lower gears is closer to the limit of the tires. Then the TC will work more effectively.