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Please do not buy aftermarket RDX fuel injectors!!

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2022 9:43 am
For those of you looking to purchase RDX fuel injectors for your 8th gen, please invest in buying OEM ones from a reputable company that the Honda community supports. Places like Hybrid Racing, PRL, and HeelToe are great resources to get OEM RDX injectors. Granted they are a little more expensive, but compared to the fake $150 injectors, they're worth the investment. This info should apply to 9th gens, or any k series for that matter. For the sake of this post, since the data is coming from an 8th gen K20Z3, I am posting it in here for now to keep the data accurate to the platform.

I finally have some concrete before and after data from a recent customer who unfortunately purchased some eBay RDX injectors. In the picture below, the left side is the fake RDX injectors and the right is OEM RDX injectors, this is the same car four days apart. This is the same calibration, which is my base calibration for 8th gens with RDX injectors and bolt ons which starts the process running on the 0* cam angle. Neither have been adjusted for fuel, this is a straight basemap comparison of fake vs real RDX injectors. You can see fuel trim percentage on the left with fake RDXs of -50% up to -92% fuel trim recommendations. Also notice how the values are very different from cell to cell in the left table. That should never be the case unless something is very wrong. When you look on the right, the same car with the OEM RDXs, you'll see the highest trim percentage is -23% which is reasonable for a first drive basemap. And the variance from cell to cell is very close.

****************************************************************Fake RDXs on the left and real RDXs on the right.****************************************************************

Fake vs Real RDX Injectors.JPG
Fake vs Real RDX Injectors.JPG (467.02 KiB) Viewed 333 times

This is becoming an issue more and more so I wanted to put it out there in the hopes people will see it before purchasing RDXs. Also, please reference this site ... -injectors to find more information on how to spot fake RDXs and detailed information on why they are bad for tuning. Please invest in getting OEM RDX injectors from the start and save the headache and potential issues that come with the fake injectors in the immediate and long term.