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    News 2007-2012

    • May 18 2012
    Thunderhill 25 hour endurance race

    Hondata congratulates Team Honda Research West for their class win and 4th place in the world's longest endurance race at Thunderhill raceway. View the event video.


    Hondata opens up dealer eligibility
    Hondata is now inviting dealers who do not own a dyno, but work in conjunction with a local shop for tuning, to submit a dealer application


    FlashPro tuning for V6 MT Accord and TL
    Hondata announces the adapter kit for the 04-06 MT TL and 03-07 MT V6 Accord.


    Drag Race Season Wrap up
    At the Import Face Off Las Vegas, Javier Loarca qualified 6th from a field of 47 cars in the SFWD category. He took the win to make it three in a row for the west coast season. "Having Hondata Traction Control enabled us to run really consistent times" said the new champion.

    Watch the Event video.



    Landspeed Race Season Wrap up
    Brian Gillespie powered to a points championship win and an entry into the El Mirage 200 MPH club with the Rotrex supercharged Honda Insight.

    Miriam Macmillan set an El Mirage personal best of 209 mph with her newly upgraded Garrett GT-42 turbo.

    Don Ferguson in the K powered Ferguson racing streamliner ran a personal best on its shakedown run of 237 mph.

    Watch the Event video.



    Flashpro for Acura RDX turbo
    Available Sept 3rd 2013, FlashPro for the Acura RDX turbo enables tuning for performance and economy for your stock or modified RDX. With the ability to program boost levels, fuel, ignition and cam angles, FlashPro for the Acura RDX unleashes the most horsepower of all the products we make.


    Hondata CRX sets a new class record of 238.2 MPH (383 kph)

    At the world renown SpeedWeek 2013, located at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, the Hondata CRX Landspeed Racing Team, with driver Miriam Macmillan, set a new speed record of 238.221 mph (383.3 kph) in her turbocharged 1.5L Honda CRX. Press release info and video.


    FlashPro for 2013 Civic Si
    Download FlashPro Manager beta, order part number FP-2012SI-US and you are ready to start tuning on the 2013 Si.

    Now you can get the maximum horsepower out of the increasing number of intakes, headers and forced induction options available.



    FlashPro for International Accord

    Hondata announces the immediate availability of FlashPro for International Accord.


    Podium Finish for HART Civic Si

    Congratulations to HART (Honda of America Race Team) for their 2nd place finish in the ST class at Mid-Ohio.


    Humble Performance

    Humble Performance wins their K-Tuned All Motor class at Honda Day MIR Raceway. 9.95 @ 137 mph.

    "We want to prove to people we can get power and the car to run good with Hondata products" Alex Humble


    What's New
    We're always updating our software to provide you more features and functionality. Find out what's been recently added to SManager, K Manager and FlashPro Manager.

    In particular, controls added to SManager and KManager allow you to launch faster and smoother as illustrated in this video.



    05-06 RSX-S Reflash for race header
    Installing a race header and intake on an 05-06 RSX makes the engine run very lean. This extensively tuned and tested reflash advances the cam, adds fuel and ignition and lowers the VTEC point for up to 50 HP midrange and 40 hp peak gains over stock.

    For more information


    07-08 TSX reflash
    Fall in love with your TSX again. With up to 28 lb-ft torque and 32 more midrange HP the 07-08 TSX reflash is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Suitable for a stock TSX or with intake and catback.

    07/08 TSX reflash key points:

  • 4600 rpm VTEC point 7600 rpm rev limit
  • Maximum torque gain 28 ft/lbs torque at 6200 rpm (peak 6 lb-ft)
  • Maximum power gain 32 hp at 6200 rpm (peak 13 HP)
  • For more information


    Hondata Price update
    As of Jan 2 2012, K-Pro products have dropped in price to bring them in line with the FlashPro pricing. K-Pro III now retails for $695.


    K20Z1 reflash for engine swap
    The Hondata engine swap reflash is calibrated for the 05-06 RSX-S ECU. It is designed is to facilitate and reduce the cost of engine swaps using the K20Z1 engine, gearbox, wiring harness and ECU. The engine swap reflash is tuned for a race header and intake, but goes several steps further by switching off emissions systems amongst other engine swap specific refinements such as an increase in idle speed. The Hondata engine swap reflash is incredible value for money for both power increase and convenience.

    Engine Swap reflash key points:

    • Maximum power gain 52 hp at 5500 rpm 42 hp peak (over stock 05-06 RSX-S).
    • Maximum torque gain 50 ft.lbs torque at 5500 rpm (over stock 05-06 RSX-S).

    For more information


    Counterfeit warning
    It has come to our attention that counterfeit KPros, K100s and S300s are being sold as new and used. Protect yourself from purchasing a counterfeit K-Pro or S300.


    FlashPro Updates - available 5 November
    FlashPro 2012+ Civic Si (US)

    More information
    FlashPro 2013+ ILX 2.4L (US)

    More information
    FlashPro 2007-08 Fit (US & Canada)

    More information
    FlashPro for 07-08 Acura TL.

    More information



    Congratulations Alex Pagan
    Alex Pagan (Humble Performance) broke into the 9s running 9.95 @ 136.76 using KPro in the Street All Motor Class at the World Cup Finals Import vs. Domestic in Maryland (MIR) Nov. 1-4, 2012. See the video.


    Hondata Vault
    Introducing Hondata Vault - integrated online file storage.

    - Store your calibrations and datalogs online for access anywhere, ease of transfer between laptops and for backup.
    - Search calibrations by parameter for keyword to find calibrations which match your setup.
    Available in the beta software versions. More information is available here.


    Hondata Traction Control
    Now available: Hondata Traction Control for your s300, KPro or FlashPro. Improve your 0-60 times and traction in any situation. Easy to setup and use.

    More information.


    TSX FlashPro upgrade
    Hondata has identified a problem with the 04-08 TSX FlashPro that will occasionally generate a WEN error. Find out more about the upgrade program.


    FlashPro for 2009-2010 Acura TSX
    Hondata is proud to announce the FlashPro for the 2009-2010 2.4 Acura TSX.

    Available now the FlashPro allows for custom tuning with intakes, exhausts and forced induction on your manual or auto 2.4 TSX. Now you can take full advantage of all the aftermarket bolt-ons and turn your TSX into a powerhouse. For more information.


    Hondata dealer reflash
    Reflash your car for only $350.

    Available March 26th the Hondata Dealer reflash program allows any participating U.S. dealer to reflash any supported Honda or Acura ECU for just $350. (plus any custom tuning)

     -  No down time sending your ECU to Hondata.
     - Custom tuning available.

    For any supported US Honda or Acura.


    S300 V2
    Available now, the new improved S300 features:

    - 8 analog inputs.
    - 1 digital input.
    - Datalogging memory doubled in size.
    - Improved ECU code storage using non volatile SRAM.
    - On board calibration storage.
    - Batteryless memory for greater reliability and longer life.

    All for only $495! For more information click here.


    Reflash for 2012 Civic Si

    Hondata is proud to announce the reflash for the 2012 Civic Si. Available now, the reflash adds torque across the rev range with an increase of  20 peak HP. Driveability and throttle response are improved over stock. For more info click here.


    FlashPro for 04-08 TSX

    Hondata is proud to announce the FlashPro for the Acura TSX. Available now the FlashPro for TSX allows custom tuning for intakes, exhausts and forced induction on your manual or auto TSX 2004-2008. Now you can take full advantage of all the aftermarket bolt ons and turn your TSX into a powerhouse. For more info click here.

    04-06 TSX adapter kit shipping now.


    FlashPro CR-Z
    Hondata is proud to announce the  the FlashPro for the Honda CR-Z. Available nowthe FlashPro for CR-Z allows custom tuning for intakes, exhausts and forced induction. You can now give your CR-Z the power it deserves and make it go as well as it looks. For more info click here.
    CR-Z and TSX Dyno Day
    •  - Saturday November 19 9:30am-5pm
    •  - Church Automotive Testing, 300 Quay St Wilmington, CA.
    •  - Cost $30 (payable to Church Automotive testing)
    •  - Drinks and snacks provided
    •  - There will be a raffle for one FlashPro for the TSX and CRZ


    K-Pro III
    Hondata announces the release of the third generation of KPro.  The KPro consists of a hardware modification to certain K-Series ECUs, plus software which allows you to re-program the ECU and datalog sensors. The KPro III has the following enhancements over the previous generation KPro:
     - Twice the on board datalogging memory
     - Three times the programming speed
     - 8 additional analog inputs for datalogging
     - Anti-theft security enhancements
     - On board calibration storage

    Now Available

    For more information click here


    Clearance Sale - GM Normally Open Boost Control Solenoids
    We have a limited number normally open GM solenoids for boost control that will be sold on a first come first serve basis for $30.  These were originally sold for $50 each.  They come with instructions and a pigtail harness and can be used with any Hondata system that offers boost control.

    $30 Each while they last.

    (once they are gone these will no longer be carried)


    Hondata Bonneville results

    Doug and Miriam Macmillan again made their mark at the 63rd annual SpeedWeek, as the pair drove their Acura RSX and Honda CRX to three new records and new personal bests at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. For results and videos click here.


    2010-2011 Acura RDX reflash now available

    Available now, the 2010-2011 Hondata RDX reflash raises the performance of the Acura RDX to a new level. From a 33 ft lb torque boost down low to a 26 HP increase at the top end the additional power is available immediately anytime and anywhere. At $295 this is simply the best bang for buck upgrade available for the RDX you will ever install. For more information click here.


    S300 Coil Pack Retrofit
    Not yet released.  Available Summer 2011 for $395, the Coil Pack Retrofit allows you to use individual coil pack (coil on plug) with your S300, replacing the stock igniter, coil, rotor and spark plug leads. 
    The advantage of this is more spark energy, less electrical interference and increased reliability. For more information click here.


    S2000 FlashPro boost control
    Hondata is offering a service to modify the 2006-2009 S2000 ECU to enable boost control with the FlashPro. For more information see FlashPro S2000 boost control on the Hondata forum.


    Now stocking Deatschwerks Injectors
    Hondata is now offering a great line of saturated injectors from 450-1300cc based on Denso coils and bodies. (Denso also manufactures the Acura RDX injectors) Deatschwerks injectors are the same length and diameter as stock Honda injectors and include wiring adapters. More info.


    Miriam Macmillan takes the 2010 SCTA landspeed points championship

    Finishing off the year in style, Miriam Macmillan leaped from third place to take the 2010 points championship in the last race of the season.

    Running a new engine setup for the last race Miriam's turbocharged K15 pulled an impressive 186.5mph on the 1.3 mile course and was still accelerating strongly at the finish line for her highest ever El Mirage speed.


    Hondata FlashPro for the R18 Civic Automatic

    Hondata is pleased to announce the FlashPro for the US 1.8 Civic Automatic.

    The FlashPro provides live tuning and a variety of calibrations with extensive datalogging capabilities. The R18 Civic can now be correctly tuned to work with the many intake, header, and forced induction bolt-ons available. For more information see FlashPro Civic.


    9 Second Barrier Broken using Hondata s300
    8.99sec @ 162mph

    Garry Eng in alliance with Howard Shoaf (RLZ Engineering) was on a quest to break the 9 second barrier utilizing the Hondata S300 system and has succeeded.  Congratulations on all hard work and we look forward to seeing even faster times.


    Team Hondata takes 9 records

    Hondata’s RSX and CRX scooped the pool with an impressive 9 class records at this year’s Bonneville speedweek.

    Running a de-stroked K20 to give it 1.5 litres capacity, the Hondata RSX took 5 class records with a Kraftwerks supercharger kit and one with nitrous. The Hondata CRX with a nitrous assisted 2.1 took Miriam Macmillan over 200 MPH and earned her a coveted red 200 mph hat. For video, photos and detailed information click here.


    IDRC International Finals


    FlashPro for the US, Asian and European 2006-2009 S2000.

    Hondata is pleased to announce the release of the FlashPro for the Asian and European S2000. Available now from our International dealers, the FlashPro enables NA and forced induction tuning using the factory Honda S2000 ECU.

    For more information see FlashPro S2000


    Hondata FlashPro for the Civic Si and Civic Type R

    Hondata is pleased to announce the release of the FlashPro for the South American Civic Si.

    The FlashPro connects from your laptop's USB port to your vehicles diagnostic port to provide live tuning and a variety of calibrations with extensive datalogging capabilities. The Civic Si can now be correctly tuned to work with the many intake, header, camshaft and forced induction bolt-ons now available.

    For more information see FlashPro Civic Si  


    RacePak Data Systems announce K-Pro interface

    RacePak announces the immediate availability of their interface cable for K-Pro to Vnet digital display and dataloggers.

    • Single cable connection
    • Plug and play programming
    • Easy install and setup

    For all sales and product information contact RacePak.


    Reflash Price Drop
    As of March 22 all Hondata reflashes have dropped in price to $295.


    S300 Price Drop


    As of Feb 1st the Hondata S300 has dropped in price to $495. With unparalleled reliability, support and ease of use, the S300 is the best  tuning solution available for OBD1.


    FlashPro for the 2006-2009 S2000
    Hondata is pleased to announce the release of the FlashPro for the US 2006-2009 S2000 for $695. Available now, the FlashPro enables NA and forced induction tuning using the factory Honda S2000 ECU.

    For more information see FlashPro S2000


    Hondata Land Speed Race Team Finishes 1-2

    The Hondata Land Speed Race Team takes first and second place honors in the 2009 Southern California Timing Association’s Points Championship. The championship comprises of 6 races held at the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed from May through to November. Cars and motorcycles are timed for top speed on a 1.3 mile dirt track.

    For more information click here.


    S300 Christmas Promotion

    Until December 31 Hondata is offering a Christmas special of a S300 and appropriate Heatshield intake gasket for $545. That's a $100 saving over purchasing the items separately! To order, contact your nearest dealer.


    OBD 2 ECU
    ECUOBD2A and OBD2B ECUs now retail at $295.  These ECUs now come with a stylish black and red embossed and enameled aluminum lid. All ECUs are pre-socketed, tested and ready for the installation of S200 or S300


    FlashPro Upgrade procedure
    The FlashPro upgrade procedure has changed. Rebates are now handled via an automated process. Reflashed ECUs no longer need to be sent to Hondata for upgrade.


    Hondata and Church Automotive Dyno day with FlashPro giveaway
    On Sunday June 7th, Church Automotive Testing and Hondata held a dyno day for the 06-09 Civic Si. There was a prize of a free FlashPro for the Civic Si that made the most power.

    Dyno day details and here and results are here.


    CT Stage 2 upgrade

    Hondata, in conjunction with CT Engineering is pleased to announce the Stage 2 reflash for the CT Engineering supercharger for the 06-09 Civic Si. It will will be available May 11th. This reflash automatically delivers fuel and ignition for for varying levels of boost and works with 3.6" to 3.15" pulleys.


    Hondata Dual adapter Harness
    Duel HarnessHondata is pleased to announce the availability of a programmable solution for the 2006-2009 S2000 and 2004-2006 Acura TSX.

    This package enables a reprogrammed stock ECU and a specially modified K-Pro to work together to allow complete and comprehensive tuning.

    Available now.


    05 Automatic TSX
    The reflash for the 2005 Automatic TSX is now available. With an increased rev limiter and lowered VTEC point the reflash turns the TSX into a faster and smoother vehicle.


    Hondata in the news
    The Acura RDX reflash has received great reviews by Import Tuner and Turbo magazine.


    Hondata has moved
    Please note our new location:

    2840 Columbia St.
    Torrance, CA  90503


    RomEditor4 FTDI USB Update
    RomEditor4 users need to run a utility to fix a problem with the USB drivers. For more information and update instructions, go here.


    SEMA Schedule & Seminar
    Hondata will be closed for the week of SEMA from November 4th. through the 7th.  No orders or ECUs received during that time will be processed.

    Come and join us for a one of SEMA's most popular seminars seminar on Wednesday:

    Time: 1:00 p.m.–3:30 p.m.
    Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, room N239

    Description: Information on how to tune Honda engines using Hondata products as well as technical details on newly released products.


    World's fastest Acura
    Los Angeles based Hondata co-owner Doug Macmillan and his wife Miriam recently set 5 Bonneville land speed records at Speed Week at the Bonneville salt flats in Utah. For a detailed report including an in car video spin at 227 mph and engine specifications, visit here.


    Hondata OBD2-S300 bundle

    For a limited time Hondata has bundled an OBD1 ECU with built in OBD2 adapter harness with an S300. With no external cables adapter cables to fit or break; no socketing or soldering, the Hondata OBD2/S300 bundle is a great off the shelf solution.

    This turnkey solution is based on a remanufactured Honda OBD1 ECU that is plug and play. All socketing, testing and installation is done by Hondata.

    For more information:


    Group N Euro Civic Type R ECU

    Hondata has developed a Group N ECU for the European Civic Type R. With a 3800 rpm vtec point and 8600 RPM rev limiter this ECU delivers a great mix of top end power and mid range torque without compromising fuel efficiency and emissions. Click here for more details.

    Hondata has also been chosen by Honda Motorsports Germany to tune and supply ECUs for the Honda Civic Cup, where one of the main criteria was an improvement in fuel efficiency. Now you too can have the same great economy and performance the Honda Civic Cup cars get.


    Hondata 4 Bar MAP Sensor

    Available now for $140, the Hondata 4 Bar map sensor is a direct replacement for K-series engines. For more information click here.



    Acura RDX Hondata ECU

    Available now, as a separate ECU the Hondata RDX ECU + reflash raises the performance of the Acura RDX to a new level. From a 33 ft lb torque boost down low to a 26 HP increase at the top end the additional power is available immediately anytime and anywhere. The RDX ECU is simply plug and play. Plug in and drive. Total down time about 10 minutes and likely the fastest performance upgrade you will install. For more information click here.


    Hondata Civic Type R ECU

    Available now, for the Japanese FD2 Civic Type R, the Hondata reflashed ECU removes the speed limiter & lowers the vtec point for more mid range power.  This is not a K-Pro and is not tunable.  For more information click here.


    Available now from as low as $1395, the S2000 K-Pro is based off a RSX ECU adapted for the S2000. It includes a wiring harness for the crank and cam sensors, and a laser cut mounting bracket.

    For more information click here


    Antivirus Software Notice
    We are aware of a problem with AVG antivirus software which interferes with SManager and KManager software. The problem is with AVG and you should contact them about it. You will have to uninstall the AVG software to get our software to work. Please do not call us as there is nothing we can do to correct this.

    05-01-2008 Update: AVG has updated their definitions and now AVG no longer reports SManager or KManager software as a virus.


    Hondata Normally Closed Boost Control Solenoid

    Available now, for the s300 and K-Pro, the Hondata normally closed boost control solenoid is designed for