Looking for info for what I'd need

Hondata model coverage & ECU application questions.
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Looking for info for what I'd need

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This is my first honda build and would like to get things right the first time. I have a 1989 CRX Si with a B18B1 swap going in. The ECU is a PR4 and I'll be running !0:0:1 compression with S2 Intake Mani, DC headers, and exhaust. I have no plans for boost. What would be the best system to use? This is my first time ever doing any modification to an ECU. NOOB's finest! LOL

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To use a Hondata system, you will need to use a compatible OBD1 ecu from the list at http://www.hondata.com/ecus.html . You can then use the Hondata s100 or s300 depending on what options you want ( http://www.hondata.com/sproducts.html ). I would recommend the s300.
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