Stock 2007 Civic Si (100% stock)

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Stock 2007 Civic Si (100% stock)

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Ok, so my question is this, before I spend 700 dollars on a product, I NEED to know please: Will the Hondata FlashPro, or any Hondata system for that matter, work for my completely stock parts 2007 Civic Si? I would absolutely love to tweak a few things performance-wise, but do not have the time or resources at the moment to start trading up and adding parts, especially since I'm about to deploy to the Middle East in a couple months. Also, by any chance will your product be able to remove the top speed limiter, stock set to 136mph? Any feedback I can get on this would be greatly appreciated, as I've only been able to find answers about modified 07 Si's within this site as well as MANY others. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Stock 2007 Civic Si (100% stock)

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Completely stock the FlashPro will give small gains and reduce the 'rev hang', but you'll get the best gains with a cold air intake. The top speed limiter can be removed.
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