F22A1 need noob help

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F22A1 need noob help

Post by hondakid1996 »

Okay so basically I have an F22A1 in my 1991 accord. I plan on redneckig a turbo out of junkyard pars (moneys way tight) and getting some power. Now since a turbo motor needs some tuning I figure I should get a basic s100. Since I don't know much about the electronics I would like any help I can get. Thanks.
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Re: F22A1 need noob help

Post by Spunkster »

You can use the s100 only if you plan to have a HOndata dealer tune the car on the dyno for you. If you plan to tune yourself, then you will need to get the s300. If it were me not matter what I would get he s300 as it has boost control and many more options and is much easier to tune.
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