CT -E SC 2007 Civic Si not starting after Hondata Reflash

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CT -E SC 2007 Civic Si not starting after Hondata Reflash

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Hey guys I'm open to all suggestions but we are have some problems here.

I just had my supercharger installed and sent my ECU out to Hondata to get the proper reflash that goes along with the Stage 1 kit. After getting the ECU back today we hooked it back up and the battery after wards but are having serious problems starting the car.

Once the key is in the ignition we don't get a oil and battery indicator light. If we try and crank the motor it just sits there and cranks over and over again for minutes if you let it. We have checked all fuses under the hood and inside the car.

The weird thing is if you plug in a scanner into the OBD 2 port then the car will fire right up. Also once the car is running with the scanner plugged in the trip meter flashes, or cuts in and out. Do you guys have any ideas?

Also with the scanner not plugged in the car does not recognize the immobilizer on the key, (ie. it wont unlock the doors or lock them) Although if the scanner is hooked up then it will unlock and lock the doors via the key.

Could this be that the reflash wasn't either fully loaded or possibly a bad reflash all together. Or even the ECU is blown itself.

Any help is appreciated!

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Re: CT -E SC 2007 Civic Si not starting after Hondata Reflas

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You have a missing or loose ground. Do not attempt to start the car until you have fixed this, otherwise the ground current can go through the ECU, which will damage it.
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