Dynoing Automatic Transmission

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Dynoing Automatic Transmission

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Dear Hondata and fellow member,

I got a stock R18 and I have several questions that hopefully you can answer. If the questions have already been answered elsewhere, please kindly excuse my newbie inattentiveness.

The questions are:

1. Could someone please tell me how to lock the gear and Dyno an Automatic R18 (or general Auto Car)? My understanding is that if you try to keep it in the 3rd gear using your foot then it would be very hard to control as the car would shift back and forth gears and my dyno graph would be messy.

Another thought is to disconnect the solenoid to the transmission and lock the gear by going into limp mode. In this case I believe it would mess up my engine timing and vtec system so it is also not a good solution. Can anyone please help me with it?

It seems that everyone has different method (including some dyno tuners that i asked). I am curious what is the method that Hondata use to test their ECU so when I buy an ECU/Flashpro, I can test it the same way as they did.

2. I am in Australia but I read online that a guy did an ECU AUS->USA swap, modify the harness and disable immobiliser to use the American Flashpro. To me this is ok except for the disabling the immobiliser part. May I know when is the expected launch of Australian compatible Flashpro?

Thank you for your kind help everyone. I have already tried to look around everywhere but once more, please kindly excuse me for my inexperience or inattentiveness if the answer is in plain sight :)

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