JDM Euro R CL7 in the UK

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JDM Euro R CL7 in the UK

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I wanted to find out some information. I have an Accord JDM Euro R CL7 2005 in the UK and I'm finding it hard to check which parts I would need to fit to my car to make a hondata kpro work. Loads of Honda tuners but not many have done a Euro R and I found a local hondata distributer but the cost is too much and doesn't give me much information on what type either. Regardless I have found someone in the states who can send me one over for cheaper but I want to confirm it is the right one before I send the monies over.

Here is the harness


Here is the ECU Kpro 3 (PRB ecu)


what I want to know is, is this the right parts for my car and will allow my local tuner to map the car? That company said they would supply the PRB Ecu but that says RSX type s which i'm sure shares a different engine to mine where as the euro r i'm sure uses same as DC5? Hence i'm confused. I'm hoping someone on the forum will be able to point me in the right direction.

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Re: JDM Euro R CL7 in the UK

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We do not offer any kits to use a K-Pro on the vehicle you have. There may be some adapter out there, but I'm sure there will be things that do not work. Thsi is not supported by Hondata.

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