Info about this tune ?

Hondata model coverage & ECU application questions.
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Info about this tune ?

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Hi i am newer to the turbo honda world but not the turbo or higher hp 4cyl car world. I was just wondering a couple things before i start doing all my research and wondered if some people could shed some light on this while i boost around in my car as i learn the honda things.

Car when i bought it i was told had this list of parts plus possible some more i dont know about.

b18 block sleeved to 84mm with arias pistons, and oringed by golden eagle.
eagle crank
gsr head
scat rods
arp main and head studs
type r cams
ls trans
precision 5858
sheepy built mani
bwr rad
moroso oil pan
msd ignition
blox intake mani
1000cc injectors
head gasket
tial wg and bov
electric boost controller the hondata one
hondata map sensor

most of this i can confirm is true i am taking pan off soon to check inside the motor alittle. I was told it was on 18 psi when i got it but the car didnt have a boost gauge and it made alittle over 400 whp on pump 93. so i put a boost gague in it when i got home and its looking like its around 9 psi in first and 9 in 2nd and 3rd and up is around 11-12. So my questions are cause i had a firend peak at the tune tonight and hes in same boat as me not to up on the honda tuning yet. but he was saying it looks like the electrionic boost controller isnt even being used is this true ? am i currently running wastgate only ? it all looks hooked up to me. can anyone tell me anything about this tune ? possible boost numbers ? im pretty sure these are the correct files to post.
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Re: Info about this tune ?

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we need a copy of your calibration to coincide with your datalog. from what I can see the ecu is effecting the PWM output of the Electronic boost controller it is a 99%, but in that pull you only achieved 6psi from the map sensor readings so the PWM wouldn't change until you reached a certain psi if you have quick spool enabled. there is no way to tell you for certain without the associated calibration!
Let's not make assumptions, please leave as much detail as possible!

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