Used system or not??

Hondata model coverage & ECU application questions.
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Used system or not??

Post by Skilzz »

Ok I've been seing a lot of negative things about the older Hondata. I have been seeing some pretty good deals on some used setups because of this. My question is...What would be the downside of picking up one of these used setups and just getting that tuned?? I would love to get the s200 w/B but the local dealers are raping people on prices and monopoly tuning and I'm not rich.
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If you can pick up a stage 2/3/4 system cheap, then go for it. The S200 is a more refined product (more bells and whistles, a little better idle control, extended RPM tables), but a properly tuned stage 2/3/4 system will make just as much power as a properly tuned S200 system. Provided, of course, that you don't need to tune over 9000 rpm...then you'll need either a P72 + stage 2/3/4 or an S200. :-)

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the old stage 2/3/4 has the same options but on different levels, but the interface boxes are different and the datalogging cables use different connections in case you plan on upgrading.
there was nothing wrong with my old silver box, i ran it for about 18 months, and now it has a new owner.
the only problem was the connector for the interface box came off one night and i was stuck redlining at 4k for a while
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Actually, the datalogging connection is the same...both boxes have a female DB9. I just upgraded from a Stage 4b to an S200 and used the same cable from my laptop to the box.

The software, however, is different...

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well dealers do charge what ever it maybe as far as the work since some of them require removal of all the piggyback items and additional upgrades like injectors, etc.

Purchasing the hondata is your option for selecting a premium product that when installed correctly and tuned will perform exceptionally well, be extremely reliable, have far fewer hicups and drivability problems than other piggyback units and improve gass mileage.

The dealers aren't necessarily price gouging you. They will are going to have a significant amount of time involved in installation and tuning of the system. They have a lot of money spent on their tuning and installation equipment. Wideband O2 sensors, laptops and dynos can add up to an easy $30K. These resources are required to tune you hondata system properly. The small amount of money they may charge you to take care of the installation of the system and tuning is significantly cheaper than you trying to purchase these items and do it yourself.

In plain and simple: You are purchasing a system but tuning and installation is also an additional cost.

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